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Antonio Company was established in 1990 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since then, we have always strived to achieve excellence and prosperity in the field of luxury shoes and leather goods in the UAE and the Arab Gulf countries. We are proud of our elite clients from all over the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Gulf countries. Among them are royal families, business leaders and celebrities.

Our products are characterized by unique designs, accuracy and workmanship, in addition to being made of the finest raw materials and natural leather to give you an elegant look and ultimate comfort.

We work with the most famous leather cobblers from Italy and France, to keep abreast of the latest contemporary designs, which helps to renew and develop continuously with the latest technologies and global trends in the shoe and leather products industry. Therefore, we offer the finest designs and the finest products to our discerning customers.

We are proud that our brand “Antonio” is the first destination for those looking for unique shoe designs, the best natural leather, international quality and complete comfort. Therefore, we have become a symbol of luxury and elegance throughout the Arab Gulf countries.

Our commitment to the history and heritage of our civilization over the decades, is tantamount to the constant search for quality and innovation while preserving the originality of design, bearing in mind our ultimate goal: to manufacture comfortable, high-quality shoes, with the latest fashion and unique designs.

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